Recently I had a terrible experience with a client’s younger brother who came to our company to buy land for his elder brother who lives abroad.

This beautiful estate Haven bay Ibejulekki has been selling for 2 million since last year September.

But in December, our company did a Chrismas promo 10% off and the estate sold for 1,800,000 naira for only 30 days.

So this guy came and said his elder brother wants to buy 10 plots of Haven bay estate

We took him for inspection at Ibeju Lekki and showed him the estate and the flier which had 2M normal price of the estate.

Now this guy said since we are on promo, we should write receipt reflecting 2 million naira, the normal estate price.

His intention was to collect 2M each for the ten plots from his brother and pay company 1,800,000.

Our company do not accept such deals. We write on the reciept exactly what we sell our property and we send reciept to the original buyer through his email so the buyer must know exactly how much we sold to him.

So we refused the younger brother’s offer and because of that he didn’t buy land for his elder brother anymore.

Our only offence is that we sticked to our standard and professionalism.

That’s why we have been in business for 10 solid years and people trust us.

The people who will scam you more in land business are your family members and close friends.

Buy directly from my company and avoid stories.

If there are 10 investors in diaspora who lost money in land, 7 of them were through family members and friends.

Lesson: buy land through credible real estate companies directly.

Your family members are not professionals. They are fearful of you losing money and because of that they don’t make good decisions.

Haven bay beachfront estate is now selling for 3.5M naira and it’s one of our estate in Lagos that stands out in everything.

Surrounded by major landmarks, La Campagne Tropicana beach resort, Lekki free trade zone, Dangote staff Quaters, Lekki deep sea port.

With initial payment of 500k you can start this journey of becoming a land owner in Haven bay Estate.

IF you want to buy genuine land without stress, send a message now to info@makficienthomes.com

or contact Ama via call/Whatsapp T +2347011275317

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